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Coming at your ears from Nashville, USA and Vancouver, Canada; Alecia and Sierra are two friends that have a twisted fascination with all things true crime. Each Tuesday they rotate through categories like Unsolved, Conspiracies, Disappeared & Haunted and bring a case to surprise to surprise the other with. Where there are scares there must be drinks right? A new wine or sangria recipe each week is picked and discussed.  They also like to share fun facts and make fun of each other.  Listeners can expect them to always be genuine, twisted, and give you their all!

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Alecia loves reading, writing, animals, yoga, nachos, wine and all things true crime.  She has a wonderful husband and two fur baby rabbits, Thumper and Laika. She is very thankful for her friends and family, and attributes all of her success' thus far to their support. She has a degree in Psychology and Counselling and received honors in Creative Writing.  Her love of podcasts is what inspired her to create one of her own with her American soul sister - Sierra. If she is not researching you can probably find her watching Friends. 



Sierra is a foodie who refuses to stay out of the forest. She has a great big family of siblings (like 8 of them!) and a hockey loving “America Dream” family of her own- a husband, a son, a daughter, and a pup named Stanley. Her favorite things include enjoying the outdoors, learning new crafts, reading empowering books, watching re-runs, and theorizing about all the mysteries of the crime world. She has a degree in Recreational Tourism and dreams of exploring the quietest corners of the world, immersing herself in the many different cultures.

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Episode 25 - We Look Good For 52 - SPECIAL  TOPIC

Bill and Lorraine Courier, RIP.

This Weeks Wine

Rosso Ca Momi Red Blend

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